The Easy Way To Make Your Penis Bigger

Who Ever said that Size Doesn’t Matter?

 The Easy Way To Make Your Penis BiggerWell, it doesn’t, if you are talking about other things. But, if you are referring to penis size, admit it or not, SIZE really does matter!


SizeGenetics™ is easy to use and is the #1 selling penis traction device:


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Penis size is usually a taboo topic in our society. True, you won’t hear men talking about how to make your penis bigger and their size problems over coffee.

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More often than not, this is only discussed in private and you have to be very cautious in dealing with it. If you are not careful, you can hurt egos and cause arguments.

So, if you are one of the many males who want to make your penis bigger or have penile size concerns, you’re reading the right article.

A number of males are having this “size” hitch. That is the reason why there are many male enhancement products and even programs available now in the market. Don’t get frustrated though, when trying to find the right solution. I’m here to help you out.

There are several solutions, one being surgery, but I hope you’re not thinking of surgery, are you? They say surgery is the safest and most effective way to fix that problem. They’re wrong. When did any type of surgery become safe? Penile surgery can be dangerous and costly.

How then can you get a bigger a penis? There are many products on the market. One of the most popular is the traction penile enlargers or “penis extender” as it’s commonly called.


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Size Genetics

A revolutionary product specifically made to extend the penis effectively called Size Genetics was not instantly released to the market.

It underwent a series of tests and careful trials to ensure the quality and success of the product. So, it’s definitely safe. It is also categorized as a type1 medical device. Most doctors recommend this over other products because it’s safe and effective.

It’s regarded as one of the most helpful penis enlargement products that’s 100% effective.


How it works

image of penis The Easy Way To Make Your Penis Bigger

And if you can make the Copora Cavernosa bigger, you can get bigger and harder erections !

It works by applying constant pressure on the penis. With this, your penis is in a stretched position. The constant stretching force will then create empty spaces between the penile tissues and muscles. Your natural healing process will then take over these spaces.

Naturally, your body will create new cells and fill up those spaces, the way exercise and stretching works on other parts of the body. These new cells will now result in enlargement of your penis, plus it will increase your penile endurance and power.

Imagine a weight trainer lifting weights. As he does so, with progressively heavier weights, he will stretch and strain the muscles he is lifting with.

This causes small micro tears and cell duplications to occur along the muscle, and as the muscle heals, it will become larger, firmer and hold more blood as it gets bigger.

Penis traction devices work in a similar way. You simply attach the device to your penis, and without you lifting a finger, it supplies a steady and constant traction along the Copora Cavernosa (the part of the penis that holds blood during erections).

This can cause the cells in the Copora Cavernosa to actually pull away and eventually split, creating new healthy cells due to cell duplication and allowing the Copora Cavernosa to become larger.

The video below demonstrates how the device works and the application process.

arrows four down press play The Easy Way To Make Your Penis Bigger


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Scientists say that the stretching really helps build muscles. This is the technique behind Size Genetics. The continued force applied to your penile muscle may result to thinning.

Thus, your body compensates by creating more muscle and tissue cells to cover up the stretched thinness thereby creating a rebound effect of making the penis longer and larger.

New cells and tissue need nourishment through blood flow, thus an increase blood flow to these areas leads to a better, longer and stronger erection. This is something other male enhancement products can’t do.

All you need to do is to attach the product on to your penis and let it stay there for the recommended duration. Doing this on a routine basis can help you achieve the size you really want. The device really works that way.

It takes advantage of the physiological healing mechanism of the body resulting in penile growth. Make this a daily habit and before you know it, you will get the desired result!


Why Size Genetics?

If you are suffering with a small penis, Size Genetics is the easy way to make your penis bigger and can give you that additional size not only in the length but also in girth. Aside from that, you can also obtain longer sex and more pleasurable orgasms.

What else? Because of the increased blood flow into your penis, your erections become harder.

Other products are good, but Size Genetics is the best. It is manufactured with great quality medical technologies. The products are analyzed one by one to ensure that the safety and quality are of the highest standard for maximum effects.


    • 100% effective in making your penis longer
    • Increases in girth of your penis
    • Curvature correction
    • Harder, bigger and more enduring erection
    • Resolves premature ejaculation
    • More stamina and libido


Physical Features

mda technology The Easy Way To Make Your Penis Bigger

Multi-directional angling

If you are not comfortable when wearing something, chances are that you won’t wear it very often.  SizeGenetics has covered all the bases with these issues.

You can wear the SizeGenetics traction device for several hours throughout the day in total comfort.

Also, you won’t have to worry about issues of it falling off with the new Comfort Strap System and Non-Slip Protech Matt Strap.

One other thing that really helps with SizeGenetics™ device to work is that it now includes MDA Technology (Multi Directional Angling) which is exclusive to SizeGenetics™.

As one of the most sophisticated device available on the market, SizeGenetics™ is tailor made with you and your penis in mind.  With some early devices (and with many devices STILL available to buy!) you would only be able to wear the device in a single angle… which not everyone would find comfortable.

With it, you can wear the device in a wide range of comfortable angles, to ensure that the SizeGenetics™ device is as comfortable as possible for you, and help you see more gains sooner by being able to wear it for longer due to it’s comfort.

16 way comfort system The Easy Way To Make Your Penis Bigger


16 Different Choices Of Wear for



Effective Enlargement And Side Effects

Size Genetics doesn’t have any dangerous effects. Since it does use traction to lengthen your penis, the limitations are what your body tells you.

If you are at the gym working out with 100lbs, surely you wouldn’t jump straight into 200lbs right away.  If you are practicing martial arts or a gymnast, chances are, you are not going to be able to do the “splits” right away.  The same goes with penis enlargement, so don’t over do it!

You will probably feel a little pain and soreness at first, but over time you will be moving forward with a little more traction and a little more stretch when your body begins to adapt and build on the changes.

Keep in mind that along with the stretching of your penis, it’s important to “exercise”.  To maximize all the efforts from the long hours of stretching, you need to include exercising (jelqing) to take full advantage of the results under traction.

With exercise, you are increasing the blood flow to the stretched area and divided cells and creating an overall more powerful and stronger penis.

For those of you that go to the gym, know how a routine workout goes.  You do a warm up with stretching,  then do your workout followed up with more stretching.

Penis enlargement is a bit different, but the same concept applies.

My personal routine consists of a warm shower followed by a quick Jelqing routine.  I then use a penis pump for a short period of time (sometimes in a rush, so time varies).  Then I strap on the extender.

It’s ever changing with different daily schedules, but this is the routine I try to stick with.  Depending on the day, I set the traction of the extender.  If I know I’m going to be gone for long hours, I set it conservatively.  If I know I’m going to be able to make adjustments, I go a little stronger on the settings.

Sometimes I have to make comfort adjustments regardless of the daily situation, but I have it down to a very quick science.  If I have time, I remove the extender after some time of use, then use the penis pump again and put it back on.

When I have worn the extender for a significant amount of time, I remove it then start the Jelqing exercises.  Even if you can only get in a few minutes of Jelqing, it’s worth it.

Eventually you will develop your own routine schedule, but I thought I would give you some insight on what I do.

Many people out there have strategies and websites promoting penis enlargement products and enhancement products, but don’t actually use them.

I can tell you first hand what works, because I use them. I would also recommend an enhancement supplement for increased blood flow for ultimate results. The enhancement supplements not only increase you sex drive and stamina, but they are great in conjunction with the penis enlargement routine.

Penis enlargement takes time, but I can tell you that it is possible.  I’m not going to tell you that I gained 3″ in a month or tell you that you can gain up to 4″.

After about six months of regular use I gained about 1-1/2″ in length and 1/2″ girth doing the routine above. I have been doing penis enlargement routines for some time now and continue to grow (just not as quickly).

I just do a maintenance type of program now.  I really don’t know if the increases are permanent or not…but so far so good.  I say “permanent results” for a few products throughout my site that i can so far, vouch for, as I’ve used them and haven’t had any adverse effects so far.

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Size Genetics conducts a series of tests for every product. So, you are ensured that every product functions well. The tension and force applied by your device is gauged before releasing it to the market to avoid faulty products. Up to date, there have been no recorded adverse effects as compared to extending pills.



  • ce certified The Easy Way To Make Your Penis BiggerSizeGenetics™  Is Manufactured In Europe To Processed And High Manufacturing Standards and has been FULLY CLINICALLY TESTED
  • Carries the European CE HEALTH STAMP and is A MEDICAL TYPE1 Device
  • #1 Leader in the marketplace and the ORIGINAL CREATORS of the penis traction device 
  • Considered to be the MOST TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED extender available
  • You should AVOID untested and unproven devices because not only could you experience little or no gains, they can actually cause irritation and even disfigurement.
  • Completely Covered by a 6 MONTH  MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!


The whole package

You won’t just get the device. You get an entire system to get you on your way to easily make your penis bigger.

You’ll get the actual medical grade penis enlargement device with comfort technology,  Workout DVD’s to accelerate enlargement of your penis,  DVD’s on sexual improvement.

You’ll also get free access to Penis health workout program and access to Lovecentria for improved sex.  Plus much more!  And, all backed by a 6 month money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

 Set 03a copy The Easy Way To Make Your Penis Bigger

A Comfortable Fitting Device Leads To Bigger And Faster Gains!

image3 The Easy Way To Make Your Penis Biggerimage2 The Easy Way To Make Your Penis Biggerimage 1 The Easy Way To Make Your Penis Biggerimage4 The Easy Way To Make Your Penis Bigger


How much Does it Cost?

 da green2 The Easy Way To Make Your Penis Bigger


 Ultimate System

ultimate system The Easy Way To Make Your Penis Bigger


-SizeGenetics Medical Type 1 DeviceEverything You Need For Fast Gains

-16 Way Comfort Tech System
-Luxury Leather Case
-Travel Case
-PenisHealth Exercise DVD
-Revita Cream Aftercare Moisturiser
-Traction Plus Powder
-Online Better Sex DVD’s
-Instructional DVD
-Seduction & Fitness Ebooks
-Device Cleaning Wipes
-Spare Parts
-PenisHealth Online Instant Access
-MDA Technology
-Lock & Key

Was $489.95

Now Only!


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Device Only

device only system The Easy Way To Make Your Penis Bigger

Basic Package With Just The Device

-SizeGenetics Medical Type 1 Device
-16 Way Comfort Tech System
-Luxury Leather Case
-Instructional DVD

$349.953 stars The Easy Way To Make Your Penis Bigger

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Starter Edition

starter edition The Easy Way To Make Your Penis Bigger

Basic Device Without Any Extras

-SizeGenetics Medical Type 1 Device
-Instructional DVD

$199.952 stars The Easy Way To Make Your Penis Bigger

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The Ultimate Package Is Surely The Way To Go With The Discounted Pricing.  

I don’t know how long they will be offering the full package at that price, so you need to grab it NOW!

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badge money back orange The Easy Way To Make Your Penis BiggerCompared to having a surgery, the complete Size Genetics program is really inexpensive. Surgery can be quite costly and not worth the risks involved to make your penis bigger. A penis enlargement program like Size Genetics is just too meager in terms of costs but the results are superb.

Plus, they have a money back guarantee within six months if you are not completely satisfied with results!

Now that you have know how on Size Genetics, get on your way to a bigger penis today!


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